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SBA Small Business Startup Loans

SBA Small Business Startup Loans

SBA Loans

One of the biggest advantages of alternative lending is the quick turn around and reduced paperwork, but all business owners don't need that. Likewise, one of the biggest worries for business owners is how much a loan will cost them in the long-run.

SBA Loans are the most competitive and practical loans available in the market. They are backed by the US government's Small Business Administration and issued by lenders. No other loan can match them on interest rates, terms or price. Lower interest rates, longer repayment terms and manageable fees are just a few of the reasons you may consider an SBA loan.

The SBA lending process can be lengthy and require several documents including a business plan, personal financial statement, 6-12 month bank statements and more. The loans can take up to 3-months to fund but they are worth their weight in gold.

Terrance Wilson Financial, LLC can assist you with the entire process from helping you prepare your business plan and personal financial statement to making sure you have every document needed to give you the best possible change of being approved.